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Seventh Wave Supplements

'Our ethos is simple. It is one of purity. Purity of products, and purity of relationship with our customers'.

SeventhWave's mission is to change the world of nutritional supplements for the better and to bring their natural and additive free 'waveolution' to the mainstream.

N9 designed their identity, packaging and a large scale e-commerce website, freshening the brand to reflect the company's unique personality, energy and commitment to an additive free world. 

The relationship continues and the brand evolves.

'Just a quick note to thank you for your exceptional design efforts on this.

We are pleased to report the best day ever in the company's history; all things considered, the sales figures were astonishing and we saw a 45% increase on the (also huge!) figure for last year.

So thank you all for the wonderful design ethic you always bring to the table… great concept backed up with fabulous design, and it was an absolute winner!'

Fleur ChurchillSeventh Wave Founder

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