Just Do It Nice

Since 2004

adding sparkle to brands, business and the arts


Sometimes within your working life, you just need to get out and do something different.

Just Do it Nice - this has become a short-hand for doing things the N9 way - this is our mantra, the phrase that pays, the thing that drives us to do brilliant work that helps a business grow.

Developing from studio banter and growing into something much more. We've embraced the phrase which has become an ethos - look out for #justdoitnice.

Here's an introduction to a piece written by our Creative Director Nick Warren explaining why this project came about.

'As a graphic designer, I’ve been sitting in front of a Mac for as many years as they’ve been available to design professionals. I do pick up a pencil, brush or camera whenever possible, but Apple’s F-sharp major startup chime starts the vast majority of my working days. Then, completing work that’s cased behind the super slim, shiny glass on design pieces that (at N9 Design) we send all over the UK. This connectivity is fantastic, allowing us to live by the seaside, but we can get a bit detached from our work. We produce posters on our screens that mostly we never see on paper. So when we decided to do a bit of self-promotion, producing a real ink on paper poster, by hand, made perfect sense'.

Read the full story of the 'Just Do It Nice' print edition here.

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