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Branding, concepts, logos, art direction

Your brand is everything your business touches and likely to be the reason your product or service is chosen over another. So make sure you're in control of it. We can with you, form a strategy dependent on; your ambitions, the sector you are in, the growth you require and the competitors you may encounter. Then design and apply consistently across every touch point.

Ultimately, your brand is a promise and the customer will decide the value of it. You just need to ensure you do everything you can to make this value positive.

See below, Acronyms brand identity, see more of the project here.

'I can't ever remember a company or a season of plays having such successful branding as Classic Spring'
Robert Whelan - Editor

Logo design or branding?

Your logo will be a symbol of your brand in its simplest form. A mark that you can confidently send out to represent you. Your brand comprises of everything else and this needs to be considered and consistent - It's your logo, fonts, imagery, copy, illustrations, photography as well as how you present these element, yourself and your staff.

Get in touch for an honest opinion of where your brand is or how to get it where it needs to be.

Ocean Studios Plymouth original identity design

Plymouth Design Forum (PDF)

PDF is a monthly social event that brings together the creative community to discuss debate and promote design thinking in Plymouth. N9's Nick Warren is a supporter and founding member of Plymouth Design Forum (PDF).

As well as joining up the design dots locally, PDF set up The 400×400 Design Challenge is inspired by the number ‘400’. Looking to connect design and creativity with the 400 year anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower, which was meant to take place in 2020. COVID19 has stalled the plans, but every month dozens of creatives add their ideas to a response of monthly word themes. See a small selection of our designs below.

From our Cornwall studio, we work locally with clients in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. As well as continuing to service and grow our network of partners in London and across the UK.

We love to work with ambitious brands and marketing professionals. If that's you, just get in touch and let's see what we can create together.