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Company and product/sub-brand logo creation

Creation of LegalShield Guidelines

1,700,000 members in the US and Canada

LegalShield has been established in North America since 1974 and has provided trusted, legal solutions to its growing number of consumers. They have now brought this new way, of providing access to legal services, to consumers in the UK. As a LegalDefence Member, you benefit from services provided by one of the UK's best-known consumer law firms, Slater and Gordon.

N9 were approached at the point of UK launch with a brief of refreshing the brand for the UK market. Building an identity, including imagery and sub-brands to fit their expanding ambition. A full identity design has been undertaken and supplied with brand guidelines to ensure all LegalShield representatives are part of the new voice.

The process and results are best described below by LegalShield UK's Head of Marketing, Clare McCann.

LegalDefence Customer Booklet

LegalDefence Website

"We were presented with many challenges whilst starting up LegalShield in the UK.  The primary task at hand, as the first expansion market to be opened, the UK needed to rebrand in order to best connect with the British consumer, and position the company as not only a disruptor but also as a lifestyle company. 

N9 were chosen as our partner, as they were outside of the market in which we operate, providing an outside-in view, using their vast experience of building audiences and promoting live events.  They understood the need to create a brand that could be leveraged in many channels, but most importantly that the brand had to have a true meaning that the Associates selling LegalShield products could connect with, and become passionate about.  Also, we were looking to identify a partner that was quite small, who would give the dedication to the project that was required, where we would not be deprioritised behind other major established brands.

What a partnership and success story!  N9 quickly understood our requirements and, with the first designs, provided us with a brand that was exactly what we were hoping for.  Modern and fresh, a new approach, symbolising lifestyle and networking.  We couldn’t be more thrilled, and would highly recommend the team."

Clare McCann, Head of Marketing LegalShield UK

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