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The Nine Series, No. 1. Our Ways.


At N9, we have 9 (natch) rules we endeavour to abide by. It's not a check-list or mission statement, just a list of points we can refer to as a group. It means we all know what N9 stands for and how… Read more

a universal feeling - nostalgia marketing.


Well, in America we have Donald and Hillary, police shooting unarmed people, marching protesters and a general feeling of unrest. The national spirit is unlikely to be positive when the choice of president… Read more

full circle - from hieroglyphics to emojis.


Language has developed over time, words have been compressed and multiple words have been  blended to create one. Digital communications and busy lifestyles have influenced the development further…… Read more

a great experience - ux.


You may have the most beautiful website in the world but who is it really designed for? When people visit your website, they just want to get what they came for, to find that product, service or piece… Read more

tweet louder - twitter ads.


Is your business on Twitter? Have you thought about advertising to increase your followers, or reach more people with a special offer or event? In this article we’re going to talk about one… Read more