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'n9 have taken the time to understand the sensitivities of the sector in which we work'

Phil Morris CEO

Havencare Homes and Support Limited is a registered charity who provide social care services for people with learning disabilities and autism. They encourage individual journeys through an outcomes focused pathway that empower the person to realise their potential, make choices and direct their own life.

N9 is helping by refreshing their identity, providing staff with informative print (for use internally and whilst out in the public) and signage design of their head office in Plymouth. As well as offering extensive training through a Career Pathway, Havencare have innovated a breakthrough outcomes focused Support Pathway© which N9 have translated graphically in posters for Havencare teams to work with.

"N9 has translated our imagination to image and with this, helped build Havencare’s sense of identity. They delivered a personal service, taking the time to understand the sensitivities of the sector in which we work. This resulted in branding, functionality and messages that feel just right for us. Would recommend."
Phil Morris Havencare Chief Executive

Infographic posters
Incident and recruitment cards
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Additionally, we have produced a website fully content managed by the Havencare team that includes a staff area with numerous access levels, session timetables, call logs and feedback areas. We are very proud of our work with a great team of people who support some of our region's most vulnerable.

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