N9 create bold, distinctive, memorable work 
to sell your productions nationwide…

#JustDoItNice - since 2004

A selection of our production images. All designed, illustrated and produced in-house

We have produced all of the marketing collateral for the National Theatre’s tours since 2014

Unmissable creative

N9 is one of the country's most experienced agencies in design for arts marketing. Since 2004, n9design has produced branding, concepts and all manner of collateral for producing theatres marketing team's including Hampstead Theatre, Theatre Royal Stratford East, National Theatre Productions, Tristan Bates Theatre, Queen's Theatre Hornchurch, Open Air Theatre Regent’s Park, Watford Palace, Park Theatre and more. As well as designing numerous West End and regional productions and tours.

Print and digital know how

We work with producers, marketers, agencies and venues right across print and digital environments. Producing concepts and campaign delivery right through to socialmedia content, motion graphics, e-flyer and html5 production.

Here's some motion graphics we produced for LAMDA's 2019 auditions promotion.


And we design, build, host and maintain websites...

We design and build websites for productions, producers and venues

We even built a website that Goes Wrong

And we design and build html eflyers...

Classic Spring's Oscar Wilde Season on The Strand

In short, we're design partners for your marketing ideas and we're a flexible and adaptable bunch. We can work however you prefer. To budgets or supply a 'shopping list' of prices so you can plan your campaigns or react to opportunities. It's up to you.

Just get in touch... 01752 278044


Meanwhile, here's the website that Goes Wrong!



Work for LAMDA

A selection of theatre marketing print

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