making a clean identity for a good cause.

Rame Peninsula Beach Care.

"We live in a world facing many environmental crises we are powerless to do much about. Beach cleaning is different – people can have the immediate satisfaction of making a direct impact." 

‚ÄčClaire Wallerstein
RPBC Founder

Rame Peninsula Beach Care's (RPBC) main aim is to clean the beaches in South East Cornwall and raise awareness about the harm being done by plastic pollution. They run monthly beach cleans, usually attracting between 30 and 60 volunteers, removing hundreds of sacks of marine litter each year.

As a registered charity, they do so much more, highlighted by the news that founder Claire Wallerstein was nominated for The Observer Ethical Award (2015) which celebrates individuals, products and companies fighting for environmental and social justice.

We helped by building an identity, a CMS website, and information boards (with illustrations by Liz Franklin) that are located around the South East Cornwall coastline.

Visit the website here 

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"The N9 team were friendly and professional, and took the time to get to know us to come up with a look, feel and branding that really reflected what RPBC is all about. 

N9's intuitive CMS system means we can independently manage our own website on a day-to-day basis, with fast-reacting technical support at hand whenever we need it - the perfect combination!"

Claire Wallerstein, RPBC Founder

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