tail wagging, dog friendly branding

Forsyth & Tedd

Totes Bag for your dog's treats

Forsyth and Tedd design and make stylish clothing for dogs. A business that stems from a simple need. Mel (Forsyth) explains, 'Tedd is a rescue Spanish Podenco who feels the cold, so what better thing to do than start a business making coats for my Podenco pooch!'

Alongside their own products they stock and sell stylish accessories from other quality suppliers around the world from a store in Plymouth and a successful e-commerce outlet. Check them out here.

N9 met with Forsyth and Tedd whilst the business was a gem of an idea and together we made the icon that has found its way onto all manner of canine products and some well-behaved human ones too.

'The team at N9 were all involved with making my logo, from the initial meeting where I had a warm welcome and was able to bring my dog, to the end result which I couldn’t be more proud of. The team really captured my brand.

I love my logo!'

Mel Forsyth
Founder & Owner - Forsyth and Tedd

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