getting a production noticed.


The scariest show at the Fringe - just one of hundreds of images designed by N9 for theatre marketing.

Tim Arthur’s version of Darktales draws inspiration from Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft. The production played in The Pleasance Theatre at the Fringe '16 receiving 4 star reviews and 'Best Of The Fest' Daily Record.

This is an example of N9 producing an identity and marketing collateral on a budget. We worked with producer Beckman Unicorn to create a suitably sinister image that could be adapted for digital and print environments. Reviews for N9 are good too, 'Working with N9 Design is, quite simply, a joy...' see more below.

You can view more examples of our production identities and design for theatre marketing here.

"Working with N9 Design is, quite simply, a joy.

The dedication to ensuring the brands reflect the artistic sensibility of the productions and the passion with which the entire team approach the work sets a new benchmark. The good humour with which everyone deals with often challenging deadlines allows us to really focus on the opportunities as they arise. The ability to know, without question, that Nick Warren and his team are 100% behind the project you are working on together - whatever field that might be in - means that we can, again without question, recommend them 100%!

We look forward to years of creativity ahead…"

Bruce Athol MacKinnon, Producer

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