a 'world famous' Plymouth institution.

Cap'n Jaspers • Iconic Eatery

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Beloved by bikers, fishermen, revellers and tourists, this harbourside eatery is a local institution.

The 'world famous' Cap'n Jaspers is an iconic eatery situated on the harbour of Plymouth's Barbican. A trip to Plymouth is not complete without a visit.

Whilst illustrating assets for the identity, we had the perfect brief for their website - 'Keep the logo, and just make it fun' said owners Adrian and Georgie - So using the original building's long 'bar' as our lead we made the online experience as tasty as possible.

We created an identity around illustrations that capture the essense of Jasper's. Including tea spoons on chains and the ever present seagulls!

Visit the Jasper's website here.

Jaspers printed menu

Bare with us, we're still trying to develop and code the Jasper's aroma... so we indulge in a team Jasper's breakfast every Friday as a result, purely for research of course.

  1. Beautiful Bacon, no onions, red sauce, black pepper

  2. Bacon, egg & cheese, no onions, with ketchup in a large roll

  3. Small bacon and egg, mayo, sweet chilli and onions

  4. Big J in a big bap, BBQ sauce, no onions

  5. Choice Chicken with mayo

  6. ...declined

Order; 19.08.16

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