a universal feeling - nostalgia marketing.


Well, in America we have Donald and Hillary, police shooting unarmed people, marching protesters and a general feeling of unrest. The national spirit is unlikely to be positive when the choice of president is between two of the most unpopular presidential candidates ever!

And here in the UK, post Brexit, it’s not really that much better is it. We’re left with a feeling of uncertainty, it’s all a bit doom and gloom so… 

…roll out the nostalgia, remind us how great it all used to be, bring back the old logo designs, straplines and advertising campaigns and remind us of the good old times. Well that seems to be what’s happening.

This nostalgic marketing approach is nothing new. During the last recession, adverts that tapped into our sentiments got the best results (and strangely, adverts that focused on product price promotions did not get the expected results). Those good memories, the tugs on the heart strings and creating an emotional connection is what works.

Some large and very well-known brands have looked at their logos alongside their past this year. These include the Coop and NatWest, both have taken elements of earlier design work to push themselves forward. I really like the Coop’s return to ‘being Coop’! Perhaps the Group had lost sight of their core values. And when competing in a crowded market, it is these values that will set them apart from their competitors. The return to the simple bold branding works for me and reminds me who Coop really are again.

Earlier this year Adidas relaunched its Gazelle trainer brand using Kate Moss. Kate launched the 1990s originals, remember the supermodel cross-legged on the couch wearing burgundy suede trainers, an image that encapsulated the times, this image is still relevant and still works for today’s audience. Lego and Mircrosoft have also launched campaigns that leverage nostalgia and they’re enjoying some great results.

The 60s, 70s and 90s produced some wonderful examples of advertising and design - usually quite simple, bold and to the point - these designs are familiar to us, they comfort us. Nostalgia is a universal feeling so tap into it. Remember the first Sony Walkman; oh and when summer holidays used to be sunny…

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