tweet louder - twitter ads.


Is your business on Twitter?

Have you thought about advertising to increase your followers, or reach more people with a special offer or event?

In this article we’re going to talk about one of the solutions; promoted Tweets.
This allows you to highlight a chosen status update to get more exposure for it. 
As well as being highlighted on your page, throughout Twitter you’ll be placed on top for particular keywords.

This kind of promotions is especially great for:

    •    Sharing content

    •    Building awareness

    •    Events

    •    Offers

    •    Increasing brand awareness

The audience

We recommend you always set up a preferred audience target, i.e locations, gender, language. You can also choose what devices you wish to be shown on, as well as special keywords, behaviours and more. Or you can add a special audience, like website visitors. (But for this there’s a little more work to do and it can take some time, read more about it here:

Where does your audience see it?

Users you target will see your ads in their timelines and in search results.

What do you pay for?

You pay for Tweet engagements; Retweets, replies, favourites etc.

What does it cost?

You only pay for engagement, so impressions are free. Twitter have set the max bid pricing option suggestion at: $1.68 - $10.00 (about £1.17 - £6.96). But you can choose your own time-frame, budget and a daily maximum, giving you full control over your spendings.  

Which tweets can I promote?

You can create a new tweet, or you can choose an existing tweet. But keep in mind that the tweet you promote should have a clear purpose; call to action, engagement, good offer - but avoid overselling. Be creative, have fun and think about what content you would react to!

Hope this article was helpful, and good luck with your marketing!


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