team N9


Before you meet us all properly, we'd like you to know we're serious about the business of design. Back in 2015 we achieved Procurement Ready status in the Design Business Association Directory. We’re delighted to be the first agency south-west of Bristol to achieve this status. 

“Congratulations to N9 Design for achieving Procurement Ready status in the DBA Directory. It is no mean feat and involves a lot of soul searching within agencies for them to understand exactly what they stand for in order to develop their policy documents. N9 Design join a select group of DBA Members who can present themselves to clients confident in the knowledge that they are fully equipped to satisfy the needs of the most rigorous procurement department”

Adam Fennelow, Services Director, DBA


Work at N9?
If you'd like to work with us, whether as a member of the team or collaboratively, just send us a good reason why to this address. Otherwise keep an eye on social media for news of opportunities.


Meet the senior members of the team.


Nick Warren - Founder and Designer

Nick Warren - Founder and Designer

Nick has many years of experience in the creative sector and has reached that slightly awkward stage where he is older than he thinks he is. Spending most of his time colouring in, cutting out, and sticking down, he is driven with a fanatical zeal to keep things simple. Having ticked off life goals of having weekends off and being his own boss, it has been said that Nick is slower around the office on Tuesdays. Always looking forward, he is expecting to be found out any day soon but to date, hasn't done lycra.... oh.

Most likely to say;  "Just do it nice."




Gareth Tutt - Senior Designer

Gareth Tutt - Senior Designer

Gareth is the longest serving member of the N9 team who has been to Australia. Gaz, as he is occasionally known, lives life to the full, but never for longer than 90 minutes or 26.2 miles (historical references). Graham's a committed family man and admirably sports the wardrobe of a 14 year old. Garrett has apparently been to Australia and likes to take things back to places where they were ok only a day before. Festival goer Garth is a keen raconteur and political commentator, but is as yet unsure which way to grow his hair.

Most likely to say; "gary"



Sarah Doney - Account Manager

Sarah Doney - Account Manager

Sarah brings with her many years agency experience in account managment and unusually for the team, knows what she's doing. Preferring a lower shelf and a regular space, Sarah makes sure the studio's papers are in order and account manages anything that moves. She hasn't eaten anything that isn't cake (or folical flavoured) but can pack more into a short week than most. Experienced enough to give us very little material for half-wit gags. She is also developing an in-house audio fracking system (ongoing project).

Most likely to say; "See you next Tuesday..."