Our ways and our place

our ways

9 rules we endeavour to abide by.

  1. listen first
  2. know the market
  3. keep learning
  4. communicate well
  5. avoid a free pitch
  6. do not fib / jibba-jabba
  7. be ethically aware
  8. respect the budget
  9. be proud

N9 is a creative agency that's been adding sparkle to brands and businesses since 2004. 

Our skills were honed in the show-business environment of London's West End and we aim to bring the sparkle gained from working in this most competitive and creative sectors, to ambitious brands and businesses that want to grow.

Our team of designers specialise in bringing big ideas to life and delivering them across print and digital environments. We have a jargon-free, no-nonsense approach. You won't find a house-style or a templated solution, just powerful creative thinking that has a commercial impact, activated with experience, energy and commitment. 

Ultimately, at N9 we ‘Just Do It Nice’ - this is our mantra, a short-hand that reminds us that everything we do must have impact. Read all about how this came about and the print edition that followed here.

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This is where we all live.
Where the magic happens.
Where we colour in, cut out and stick down. 

But only from Monday - Friday, 9 - 5.30ish.
...and not counting lunch time or 'Jaspers' Friday.


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N9 Design, Lower Barn, Hounster Hill,
Millbrook, Cornwall PL10 1AJ

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